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Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe From Winter Fires

Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe From Winter Fires

Find out how you can keep your building safe against winter fires.

While winter is a season filled with cold weather, it is also a season that increases your chances of experiencing a residential or commercial fire. All property owners understand how important fire protection services are. Putting the right precautions in place can stop dangerous situations from arising, saving people’s lives while simultaneously protecting your property. Find out how you can keep your building safe against winter fires.

Fire Protection Services & Equipment

By designing a fire protection system and getting it installed, your property can be made significantly safer for anyone in the area. You should have a fire protection system that’s fitted with tools such as fire extinguishers, fire detectors, and fire sprinklers. It’s also important that you stay current with the maintenance of all of these pieces of equipment so that everything functions properly when fires break out.

Your fire sprinkler system will require a particularly scrutinizing eye because pipes can freeze in the winter, which could prevent pipes from supplying you with the water you need to extinguish winter fires.

Training and Education

While fire protection systems help cut down the damage that winter fires can do, it doesn’t mean that they will keep fires from forming in the first place. To minimize the odds of winter fires starting, your staff will need to undergo the proper training. Training should include informing your staff about what usually causes winter fires and what can be done to avoid them. There are a few precautions that should always be taken to prevent winter fires, including:

  • Having a barrier of at least three feet around all pieces of heating equipment
  • Keeping your heating equipment turned off at night
  • Not allowing smoking inside and on any balconies you have
  • Dissuading people from using candles
  • Warning people about the dangers of overloading outlets and using extension cords

Getting into Contact With Professionals

If you don’t know what you should do to keep your property safe against winter fires, try getting into contact with a professional fire protection company. They will be able to give you sound advice on what measures you can take to keep your property safe. Professionals can also tell you what risks your property currently has and how to reduce those risks. You can even get testing and maintenance done for certain parts of your fire protection system, such as your smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.


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