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Where Fire Extinguishers Should be Kept in the Home

Where Fire Extinguishers Should be Kept in the Home

Here is where we recommend you keep your fire extinguishers.

Does your home have any fire extinguishers? Also, are you able to find them? Homes are littered with potential fire hazards, and fires can get out of control in a matter of minutes. It’s imperative to know where to find your extinguishers immediately so that you can stop fires from spreading and bringing harm to your family and property. Some places are better for storing fire extinguishers than others. Here is where we recommend you keep your fire extinguishers.


There are many places that fires can develop inside a kitchen. Cooking equipment contributes heavily to the number of home structure fires we have, as well as fire injuries. Keeping a fire extinguisher no more than 30 feet away from your stove is recommended so that you can deal with kitchen fires quickly in a pinch.

However, don’t put it too close to your stove because fire and smoke could keep you from accessing it. If your kitchen is small, keeping your fire extinguisher in a nearby room may be the best solution.

Each Floor Of Your Home

Every floor of your house should have at least one fire extinguisher. This includes your basement and attic, for those who have them. Fires can start anywhere in the house, so you have to be able to respond from anywhere. The sooner you can address a fire, the less damage it can cause. Therefore, the more fire extinguishers you have around your house, the safer your home will be.

The Garage

Most garages, sheds, and workshops have plenty of combustible materials in them, such as cleaning products, oil, and gas canisters. Fire extinguishers are a necessity for any garage, especially if you use tools while working there. This will keep any potential sparks from causing bigger problems. Something big to note is that your fire extinguisher should be labeled for handling flammable liquids.

Your Bedrooms

Most fires happen at night, and most people are asleep during this time. This means having fire extinguishers in your bedrooms makes a lot of sense. You can even put them in children’s bedrooms. Children are capable of being trained to use fire extinguishers. Even if you don’t expect them to need the training, having an extinguisher is always a strong safety precaution.


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