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How Corrosion Happens in Fire Sprinklers

How Corrosion Happens in Fire Sprinklers

One way fire sprinklers get damaged is by corrosion, and we’re going to show you how this can happen today.

Our fire sprinklers are among the most important defense mechanisms against fire emergencies. Without functional sprinklers, fires have the chance to spread throughout our buildings and cause devastating damage to our properties, and sometimes even harm people who are inside. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your fire sprinklers in optimal condition all of the time, and this means you’ll have to know how they get damaged so you can take measures to prevent that damage from happening. One way fire sprinklers get damaged is by corrosion, and we’re going to show you how this can happen today.

Reasons for Corrosion

Oxidation is one of the reasons for corrosion to occur. For those who may not know, oxidation is what occurs whenever oxygen that gets lodged in your sprinkler pipes dissolves into the water, causing a reaction with your sprinkler’s piping. This is the most common reason for corrosion to happen to your fire sprinklers.

There’s also microbiologically-influenced corrosion, also known as MIC. As its name might imply, this type of corrosion is brought about by microorganisms inside of your sprinkler pipes. When these microorganisms meet with water, oxygen, and metal, corrosion can occur within your sprinklers.

Finally, there’s oxygen corrosion. This happens when water and oxygen gas inside of your fire sprinkler system react with your metal pipes.

How to Prevent Corrosion

If you can prevent corrosion in your fire sprinkler system, you’ll give it a much larger lifespan, and you’ll keep your property as safe as possible against fires.

For those with dry pipe systems, you can try taking the oxygen within your sprinkler system, and replacing it with nitrogen. Without oxygen, corrosion won’t be able to happen. For those with wet pipe systems, you could try getting an air venting mechanism installed to minimize the likelihood of corrosion.


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