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Common Ways That Commercial Fires Can Be Caused

Common Ways That Commercial Fires Can Be Caused

Read on to find out how commercial fires can be caused.

For any business owners out there, keeping your facility safe is always going to be a top priority. One thing you’ll want to do is protect your business against commercial fires, and a good way to protect your business from these fires is to know how they’re caused in the first place. Read on to find out how commercial fires can be caused.

Cooking Equipment

Restaurant settings might be what comes to mind when you think of cooking equipment, but you can actually have a fire started by any facility that has a kitchen area. Since cooking is done at high temperatures, and you have to work with flammable substances like grease and oil, it’s very possible for a fire to be started in this manner. This is actually the most common reason that commercial fires happen.

Heating Equipment

Sometimes, the weather outside can get rather cold, and that means you’ll need to use heating equipment to keep your business warm and comfortable. Equipment such as radiators, boilers, and furnaces all have the chance to overheat, which can increase the chances of commercial fires breaking out.

Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Modern buildings will come with electrical wiring that gives them power and light. The bad news is that electricity will always carry fire risks with it. If you have damaged or old wiring, loose connections, circuits that have become overloaded, or fuses that have become faulty, there’s a higher chance of a fire arising around your business.

Smoking Materials

If a cigarette, cigar, or other kind of smoking item gets lit, it’s easy for a fire to break out. The good news is that fires brought about by smoking materials aren’t as common as they were back in the day. Nonetheless, it’s still a cause that’s worth monitoring, given that it’s still one of the five most likely causes of commercial fires today.


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