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Advice for Fire Safety This Summer

Advice for Fire Safety This Summer

Here are some fire safety tips you should follow to protect yourself this summer.

Summer has just recently started, and with us entering the hottest season of the year, we want to be sure that you are able to enjoy the season as safely as possible. One risk that can impact people during summer is fire emergencies, and we want to make certain you know how to stay safe so that fires don’t arise. Here are some fire safety tips you should follow to protect yourself this summer.

Have Smoke Alarms Installed On All Floors of Your House

Smoke alarms are a vital component of fire safety, no matter what kind of building you have. Therefore, you should have them on all levels of your building. In addition, you should have them both within and outside of bedrooms so that people can hear the alarms if a fire breaks out while they are sleeping. These smoke alarms must be tested regularly so that they will not fail you in critical situations.

Formulate a Fire Escape Plan

If a fire does end up breaking out, you’ll need an effective fire escape plan ready to implement. This escape plan should be practiced two times each year, and it becomes increasingly important to practice this plan if there are young children or others around the house who might require some extra help evacuating the premises in the middle of an emergency.

Don’t Use Space Heaters

It’s possible that this is a given, and you likely won’t use them during summer anyway, however, we still want to advise that you not use space heaters around your house. This is especially important at night because people will be sleeping, and therefore they will be unaware of any fires that are developing inside of the house. Space heaters cause many home fire fatalities, so you don’t want to use them as a home-warming solution.

Call for Help If a Fire Occurs

You should get in touch with either a local fire station or 911 if you have a fire emergency. House fires can be incredibly dangerous, and letting professionals handle these fires for you will help keep you much safer. You should wait until you are safely out of the building before you make the call.  Lastly, don’t go back into the house if a fire happens. Let the first responders take care of everything inside the building at this point.


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