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How Fire Alarm Testing Should Be Done For Your Business

How Fire Alarm Testing Should Be Done For Your Business

If you’re unsure of what steps are needed during fire alarm testing, read on to learn what steps to follow.

Fires are a great threat to any building, but if you take the right precautions, you can minimize the likelihood that they occur, and you have protective measures in place to help you if they do occur. One proactive measure you can take to promote fire safety is doing fire alarm testing for your facility. If you’re unsure of what steps are needed during fire alarm testing, read on to learn what steps to follow.

Let Employees in Your Building Know About the Test

Generally, it’s best to perform a fire drill once per year, especially if you have a larger business. When you conduct this drill, make sure your staff understands when it is happening. This keeps people from getting into a panic, thinking that a real emergency is going on.

For fire alarms, though, testing has to be done weekly, monthly, and bi-annually. By letting your staff know about these tests, you avoid causing any false alarms to be triggered.

Get Staff Spread Throughout Your Building

A fire alarm should be heard throughout the entire building. For this reason, staff should be spread to every area of your building when fire alarm testing is being done. This lets you know if there are any areas that cannot hear a fire alarm sound off. It’s a serious concern if there are parts of your building where a fire alarm cannot be heard.

Conduct Fire Alarm Testing

After you’ve gotten everyone prepared, the fire alarm testing can commence. You can start with your smoke detectors. You should find a test button on these detectors. Simply push that button and hold it for around five seconds. You should hear a piercing noise, but if you don’t, or the sound is not very strong, you need to get the batteries replaced.

Remember to Keep Up With Smoke Detector Maintenance

Even after testing is done, you still have to stay on top of maintenance. For example, smoke detectors need monthly cleanings. You also want to keep air vents clean because it helps get carbon monoxide and smoke to your detectors, which makes it easier for them to activate during an emergency.

When your smoke detectors are about ten years old, that is when you have to replace them. These detectors get worn down over time, and if you use old ones, they might not perform as well as they need to perform. This compromises the safety of everyone in your building.


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