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A Fire Safety Checklist For You to Follow For Your Next Inspection

A Fire Safety Checklist For You to Follow For Your Next Inspection

Here are tasks you should put on your fire safety checklist to get ready for your next inspection.

Did you know that a fire requiring assistance from a fire department occurs every 24 seconds just within the United States? It’s unnerving to think about this, and it goes to show how important fire safety is for any building. Now, the best way to handle fires is to keep them from ever occurring at all. To do this, there are certain measures you can follow. Here are tasks you should put on your fire safety checklist to get ready for your next inspection.

Fire Safety Equipment

It’s important to value your fire safety equipment during a fire inspection. You’ll need the help of smoke detectors, extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire alarms if you want to prevent fires from occurring. Therefore, you’ll want to be certain that everything is working as it needs to work so that your equipment doesn’t fail you in times of need.

Become Familiar With Your Exit Routes

Make sure that there aren’t any obstructions blocking your fire exits. All exits, walkways, pathways, and aisles need to be clear of any obstacles and debris. You have to have a minimum of two fire stipulated exits available. The exit doors must be unlocked during occupancy. Aisles that guide people to and from your fire exits can’t be obstructed in any way. Pathways that take people to exits must be no shorter than 3 feet in width. Your fire exits must have panic hardware. The doors that you use for your fire exits must be easy to open whenever emergencies arise, and there should be an easy way to access all of your fire protection gear. Make sure that the paths that guide people to the exits are both marked and lit well. Lastly, all exit signs need to have backup batteries because of the possibility of lights going out in the midst of a fire.

Recommended Fire Safety Practices

One last thing you should do is follow best practices for fire safety. There are a few practices you can follow to make your building safer.

Make sure combustible materials stay in fireproof storage areas. Don’t allow too many people on your premises because you can’t let your building go over your maximum occupancy limit. Don’t overload your electrical sockets, and don’t use any inappropriate multi-plug adapters. Allow all of your electrical panels to be accessed without difficulty, and ensure that these panels can be accessed without obstructions getting in the way. Finally, keep flammable materials a safe distance away from any of your electrical panels. (3 feet is generally the minimum distance required).


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