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When You Need Fire Extinguishers Recharged or Replaced

When You Need Fire Extinguishers Recharged or Replaced

Here is how to know your fire extinguishers need to be either recharged or replaced.

Portable fire extinguishers help promote fire safety throughout your building. But in order for them to function as you need, they must get recharged regularly, and you have to know when to get them replaced. Getting an inspection for your fire extinguishers is one of your best options available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t perform examinations yourself.

You don’t want to have your extinguishers fail you when you need them the most. That’s why they all must be recharged or replaced appropriately, making sure you always have functional ones around in case an emergency breaks out. Here is how to know your fire extinguishers need to be either recharged or replaced.

When Fire Extinguishers Require Recharging

How often should fire extinguishers get recharged, and is it possible to repair them? Starting with repairs, there isn’t really a way to repair an extinguisher once it becomes damaged. Whether it’s missing a piece or there’s damage along our extinguisher, repairing the device is usually not a feasible option. You’re going to need to get them replaced entirely.

When people use the term “repair,” they often mean to say “recharge.” If you don’t have any damage on your fire extinguisher, it’s acceptable to refill the same canister. It’s important for you to refill your extinguisher every time you use it. This will ensure your fire extinguisher is always ready for use whenever an emergency takes place in your building. Get your extinguisher recharged at a certified fire equipment organization.

When to Get Fire Extinguishers Replaced

If your fire extinguisher is perfectly functional, you should get it replaced after twelve years of use. This is a strong general rule of thumb regarding how often you should get your fire extinguishers recharged, so you’ll want to have all of your records on the tag so that they’re easier to monitor.

If you can’t maintain pressure by getting your fire extinguisher recharged, or if you see other indicators of damage, you should get the extinguisher replaced. This is especially true if the charge has been put in jeopardy.

Signs that your extinguisher needs replacing include missing pins, unstable handles, rust and corrosion, a clogged nozzle, and a lack of inspection tag.


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