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Improper Ways to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Improper Ways to Use a Fire Extinguisher

We’ll be explaining some of the ways that a fire extinguisher might be improperly utilized.

Any time there is a fire emergency, one of the first tools you’ll be picking up is your fire extinguisher. These tools are ever helpful for keeping fires contained so that they don’t spread to other areas throughout your building. Unfortunately, not all extinguishers are used correctly, and there are plenty of ways to misuse them. We’ll be explaining some of the ways that a fire extinguisher might be improperly utilized.

Standing Too Close or Far from Fires

It’s vital that you remain at a safe distance away from a fire whenever you’re using a fire extinguisher. Being too close to a fire makes it much easier to burn yourself, and you may even end up spreading the fire that you’re trying so hard to contain.

In a similar manner, it’s no good if you’re too far away from a fire either. Your extinguisher’s stream isn’t going to have enough force behind it if you’re too far from the fire.

If you’re wondering how far away you should stand from fires, the ideal distance is typically around eight feet.

Shooting Your Stream Too Highly

Some people will try putting out fires by starting at the top and working their way down. This is not the best approach when extinguishing fires. Not only will it fail to expunge the flames, but it will even make the fire stronger.

The best place to target is the base of the fire. That is where a fire draws its strength, so if you sweep around the fire’s base, you’ll have a much easier time extinguishing it. If this proves ineffective, then the fire is likely beyond what you can handle, and you should evacuate the premises.

Not Pulling Your Extinguisher’s Pin

There is a good reason for a fire extinguisher to have a pin on it. It’s there to ensure that the extinguisher doesn’t discharge too early. You should always pull your extinguisher’s pin because, if you don’t, your extinguisher will be rendered practically inoperable. You may even run into what are known as tamper ties, and these are used to keep previously-used extinguishers from discharging as well. If you notice a tamper tie on your fire extinguisher, twist and pull your pin using sufficient force in order to get good results.


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