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What You Should Remember About Smoke Detectors

What You Should Remember About Smoke Detectors

To maximize the efficiency of your smoke detectors, there are a few things you will want to remember about them.

Smoke detectors can easily go unnoticed around our buildings, unless they chirp to indicate their need for new batteries. Even if they aren’t always noticed, you must not forget the importance they have because they are some of the most critical pieces for keeping you safe during a fire emergency. To maximize the efficiency of your smoke detectors, there are a few things you will want to remember about them

Don’t Ignore Their Warning

You need to acknowledge every alert your smoke detectors give you. Warning you of existing fires is the one role they have, so there will never be another reason for them to sound off, provided they aren’t malfunctioning, which would also warrant your attention.

Don’t Interfere With Your Detectors

Messing with a smoke detector is not only ill-advised, but also incredibly dangerous. In order for your detectors to do their jobs, you can’t do anything that would hinder their effectiveness. This includes activities like smoking and tampering with them. If you engage in activities such as these, not only will the detectors not be as effective, but actual lives could be put in jeopardy.

Get Batteries Changed When Needed

All smoke detectors will eventually need to have their batteries replaced. When this happens, don’t delay, and instead get this done immediately. Certain detectors might use a battery as a sort of backup option for powering them. At the bare minimum, you’ll need to charge your detectors once every year. For those who have mains powered detectors that have rechargeable batteries, just be sure to stay on top of maintenance tasks.

Perform Cleaning and Other Upkeep Procedures

Smoke detectors, like any other appliance, are going to require regular upkeep if you want them to continue functioning optimally. If you have a vacuum, take the soft brush piece of it, and use that brush to clean your smoke detectors. You should do this either one or two times every year.

Replace Your Smoke Detectors When Needed

Smoke detectors should get replaced every decade. If you keep trying to use old ones past the ten-year mark, they won’t work as well as newer ones. You can’t afford to have your detectors be less efficient because fire emergencies can arise at any moment, and you have to be prepared for them if they happen.


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