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Where Smoke Detectors Should Not Be Installed

Where Smoke Detectors Should Not Be Installed

To avoid false alarms, here are the places where you won’t want to install smoke detectors.

Many properties have smoke detectors installed inside of them. These devices are handy for making sure you know whenever fires break out. As a result, you’ll have a greater likelihood of responding to a fire or evacuating the premises if that is the more appropriate course of action to take.

With that said, smoke detectors will only do their job effectively if they are installed in the right places. If they are installed in the wrong locations, it can result in false alarms. To avoid false alarms, here are the places where you won’t want to install smoke detectors.

Unfinished Attics

Attics are areas that are exposed to intense heat and bitter cold. Many smoke detectors aren’t suited to work under such conditions because they can malfunction. False alarms are also more likely to happen when installing detectors in areas that are exposed to extreme temperatures, which means detectors won’t be as reliable overall.

Anywhere Four or Fewer Inches From Your Ceiling Corners or Wall Corners

Wall corners and ceiling corners are known to be dead zones for smoke detectors. This is because there isn’t a whole lot of air circulation in those areas. When there isn’t much air circulation, smoke might not reach the detectors, which means you may not get an alarm to go off, even if there’s a fire emergency.


The problem with bathrooms comes from hot showers primarily. Hot showers produce steam, which can trick your smoke detectors into setting off an alarm, even if no fire is present in the area.

In Close Proximity to Vents and Fans

Vents and fans bring about air circulation, and this can cause smoke detectors to sound false alarms. Another potential problem is the exact opposite scenario, in which smoke gets kept away from the detectors, meaning they might not trigger during a real fire.

Anywhere Close to Cooking Appliances

Keep detectors more than ten feet away from your cooking appliances. Since cooking can often result in smoke forming, you’ll trigger many false alarms if your smoke detectors are too close to cooking appliances. Keeping detectors at a safe distance is your best chance for preventing false alarms.


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