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Reviewing Various Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

Reviewing Various Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

Today, we will review different types of fire sprinkler heads and their uses.

Fire sprinklers don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. It’s easy to take them for granted, especially considering how they aren’t used in everyday situations. But for those who pay attention to their sprinkler systems, you may notice that different sprinklers come with different fire sprinkler heads.

While there are people who don’t notice a difference between heads, each fire sprinkler head type has a certain distinction that separates it from others. Today, we will review different types of fire sprinkler heads and their uses.

Fire Sprinkler Pendants

This is the type of fire sprinkler head that is most common among property owners. On the bottoms of these heads, you will find a deflector plate that is round in shape. Whenever these heads trigger, a stream of water gets sent to these deflectors. It’s the job of the deflectors to have the water dispersed to a wider area of whatever room in which the sprinkler is installed.

They offer plenty of coverage for a room, which makes fire sprinkler pendants useful for a large number of buildings.

Concealed Pendants

Concealed fire sprinkler pendants are a little different. These are heads that get built into the surfaces, and they tend to blend in more seamlessly with your ceiling. They are a fantastic choice for anyone who might be worried about their sprinkler heads affecting the appearance of their building. The greatest thing about them is that you don’t sacrifice functionality to get the look you want. They offer high levels of protection, just like other fire sprinkler heads you can find.

Upright Sprinkler Heads

As the name implies, an upright sprinkler head will point towards the ceiling, and the deflector plate is found on the top.

Instead of descending through your ceiling, upright fire sprinkler heads tend to be mounted onto pipes underneath your ceiling. Upon activation, water is shot from the pipe. Then, it makes contact with the deflector, which will send the water downward in the shape of a dome.

Spaces between obstructions can be reached more easily using upright sprinkler heads. This makes them great for areas like warehouses and mechanical rooms.


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