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Making Your Fire Escape Plan Better

Making Your Fire Escape Plan Better

Find out all of the ways that you can improve your business’s fire escape plan.

In the summertime, fires are more likely to rise up due to the increased heat. Fires are always a big hazard to your business, and you need to be ready in case a fire starts up in your facility. This means having an effective fire escape plan in place. So what should be done to make your escape plan the best plan possible? Find out all of the ways that you can improve your business’s fire escape plan.

Imagine What Scenarios Can Happen

You need to be prepared for whatever fires could arise around your business. Therefore, you should take some time to ponder what kinds of fires could happen. You want to know the likely causes for fires around your facility, as well as where those fires are likely to start. While we can never be fully prepared for fires since they happen accidentally and without warning, knowing the scenarios that are most likely to cause fires can make it easier to respond if one starts up.

Create Roles For Your Staff

If fires start up, there should be staff members who rise up to serve as leaders during these emergencies. Make sure roles are established ahead of time. There are many roles that need to be established before a fire breaks out. You should have someone making sure pathways are clear. Someone else should be in charge of contacting the fire department.  There also must be someone who checks to be sure that everyone was able to leave safely, and this person is the last one to leave the building.

Determine Which Escape Routes to Use and Where the Closest Fire Exits Are

A fire escape plan isn’t complete without knowing where the actual escape routes are.
You should always have primary and secondary escape routes because you don’t want to be left without options during a fire emergency.

Once you have determined which exits to use, make sure those exits are kept clear of any obstructions. This will allow people to escape the premises as quickly and efficiently as possible. In turn, it will help keep everyone safer when they are trying to evacuate your building.


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