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Ways That Your Fire Exits Can Be Made Less Safe

Ways That Your Fire Exits Can Be Made Less Safe

Here are a few ways your fire exits could become less safe.

Fire exits are needed for whenever fires break out in your office. If they aren’t clear, people can be put in serious danger, which is why you should take every measure possible to keep your exits accessible and safe. With that said, there are some ways your fire exits could be impacted in a manner that makes them less safe. Here are a few ways your fire exits could become less safe.

Your Fire Exits Are Blocked

The exits have to remain unobstructed at all times. You can’t even block them temporarily because fires can occur at any moment, so you always have to be ready to use these exits. Whenever these exits are blocked, people have a tougher time getting out, which puts them at greater risk for harm.

Fire Exits Are Locked

Not only do the exits have to be unobstructed, but they also have to be capable of being opened. It’s hard to call them fire “exits” if you can’t exit the building by using them. By keeping your exits unlocked, you allow people to escape the building in the event that an emergency takes place.

Construction Projects Can Impact Fire Exits

Construction projects can influence how your building is used, and a change in your fire exits may take place, even if it’s just a temporary change. Just be sure that you still have functional exits, even if your building goes through some structural changes. Alternate exits are needed for your building, and these alternate routes should be known ahead of time so that there’s no confusion that comes up in the midst of an emergency.

Employees Aren’t Familiar With Your Fire Exits

As we just finished mentioning, knowing where exits are is crucial to avoid confusion during a fire emergency. Not only do employees need to know where your normal exits are found, but they also have to be familiar with the alternate exits just in case they are needed. The less time employees spend trying to figure out where to go, the more likely they will be able to leave your building safely during emergencies.


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