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Mistakes That Can Happen During a Fire Alarm Installation

Mistakes That Can Happen During a Fire Alarm Installation

Here are ways that mistakes occur during a fire alarm installation.

No one wants people to get injured as a result of a commercial fire. The safety of your staff is a top priority for any business, not to mention the legal liabilities your business could face as a result of such an emergency. One way to keep people safe is to make sure they’re aware of any fire your building has, and a properly-installed fire alarm plays a pivotal role in that regard. Unfortunately, there are ways a fire alarm installation can go wrong, which makes your facility more dangerous. Here are ways that mistakes occur during a fire alarm installation.

Having False Alarms

While a fire alarm has the potential to save lives in the event of a fire, they can be a real bother whenever you get a false alarm. Not only is it annoying for everyone in your building, but it could lure people into a false sense of security. If your staff experiences enough false alarms, there may come a time when an actual fire occurs, and people don’t acknowledge the threat, thinking it’s just another false alarm. This can put your staff in serious danger. To minimize false alarms, don’t perform a fire alarm installation near any ducts or doors because drafts are a common cause of false fire alarms.

Installing a Fire Alarm Near Your Kitchen

There are certain places where a fire alarm installation shouldn’t happen. The kitchen is such an area because the sensors in your fire alarms can easily be triggered by kitchen appliances, like the oven. For this reason, you want to keep your fire alarms at a reasonable distance away from your kitchen. Usually, 20 feet of distance is sufficient for this purpose. By doing this, you keep your fire alarms away from any combustion particles that might come out of your kitchen.


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