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Different Fire Alarm Systems You Could Install

Different Fire Alarm Systems You Could Install

Today, we’ll be looking at different fire alarm systems that you could get installed in your building.

Are you getting a fire alarm system for your commercial building? If so, you have to consider many things when designing your system. It needs to be able to keep your building safe. It needs to be in compliance with legal regulations in your area. Ideally, you want a system that is cost-effective as well. The truth is, the right alarm system for you will depend on what kind of building you have. That’s why, today, we’ll be looking at different fire alarm systems that you could get installed in your building.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

These fire alarm systems are the most commonly-chosen ones, especially if you have a smaller business. They’re best used to protect smaller spaces, like shops or restaurants. The drawback is that these systems can’t identify the exact location of a fire, but when the area it’s protecting is small enough, that drawback isn’t going to be an issue. Not only that, but you can typically get these systems installed at a lower price than other systems you could install. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a separate wire for every alarm you install.

Addressable Systems

These fire alarm systems are a bit more complicated than conventional ones. Conventional fire alarm systems, on one hand, will need individual wires for every device you choose to install. Addressable systems, in contrast, can be installed such that all of your alarms get connected to a single control panel, allowing you to reduce installation costs significantly. This is mainly beneficial to larger commercial properties that will require a large number of alarms to keep the property safe.

Addressable systems come with the perk of being easy to maintain since every alarm you have can be checked using the same management panel. These systems cost more money, but the ease of installation and maintenance makes them worth your while if you have a larger property to protect.


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