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What to Factor Into the Design of Your Fire Alarm System

What to Factor Into the Design of Your Fire Alarm System

Let’s look at considerations you should have when you’re getting a fire alarm system installed.

A fire alarm system is one of the most vital components of any fire protection system. Each system is specifically designed for the dimensions of your building, and what fires you are most likely to experience. This means that fire alarm systems can be quite complex, so what exactly should you want in the system you get for your building? Let’s look at considerations you should have when you’re getting a fire alarm system installed.

Your System Needs to Be Code-Compliant

This is something important for every fire alarm system, so you should know what safety codes and regulations there are in your area. In addition to any safety codes you have to follow, there are also local regulations, building codes, and requirements that are set in place by your insurance company.

Your business may also have its own objectives to meet that go beyond the minimum fire safety regulations. Some objectives may include having fewer false alarms, improved fire safety, or making the maintenance for your fire alarm system as easy as possible.

Go With an Integrated System

Modern systems have three main pieces, which are the fire alarms, suppression, and fire detection. If your fire alarm system is going to be successful, all of these pieces must work together. This means you have to have an integrated protection system which has a comprehensive analysis of your whole fire protection unit. You need this analysis because it’s vital for helping you understand how the different pieces of your system work together. You have to get the analysis finished before you install your fire alarm system.

Use the Best Technology

Because technology has advanced, there are more choices available to you than there have ever been. Perhaps you’re interested in wireless fire detecting systems that let you monitor your building from places that were not possible before. More modern detection devices have the ability to identify smoke and fire from stimuli such as dust or steam that could otherwise cause false fire alarms. Features like these don’t just provide convenience for your staff, but they also significantly improve safety.


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