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Why Getting a Fire Alarm Inspection is So Important

Why Getting a Fire Alarm Inspection is So Important

Read on for three reasons why getting a fire alarm inspection is so important.

The fire alarm is a vital part of the fire safety system for any building, along with a functional sprinkler system or a series of fire extinguishers that are regularly inspected, and smoke detectors. For the safety of your property and all the people who use the space, it is vital that the fire safety system stay up to date and that all components stay in good working order. This should include periodic inspections of all of the components of the system, especially the alarm. Read on for three reasons why getting a fire alarm inspection is so important.

Limit The False Alarms

One big reason to conduct periodic tests of your fire system, especially your alarms, is that faults or issues in the system could lead to false alarms. While a false alarm alone isn’t a major problem, having them repeatedly can be more than a nuisance – it could get you in trouble with the fire department if they keep responding to an issue you should be correcting. Additionally, if a faulty alarm activate your fire suppression system, that could potentially cause injury to damage that is costly to correct, including replacing or resetting the system.

Keep People Safe

Ultimately the biggest reason to maintain and test your system is the same as the reason to have one: the system is there to keep people safe. It is meant to protect you, your employees, and your guests or visitors. If you aren’t testing ti regularly, you don’t know for sure that it is working. And if there were to be a fire, and the system isn’t working correctly, you could end up with people being injured or even killed in a blaze. It is often better to err on the side of caution and rigorously maintain this type of system.

Stay In Compliance

Finally, if the other two reasons are not enough, you have to conduct regular inspections and tests to stay in compliance with laws and codes. NFPA (the National Fire Protection Association) requires regular alarm inspections and your local municipal government and/or fire marshal likely also has rules in place. Finally, your insurance company may also require it to stay insured. There are a whole lot of reasons why you need to stay on top of this important maintenance task.


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