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Consequences That Come From False Fire Alarms

Consequences That Come From False Fire Alarms

Here are some of the consequences your business may experience as a result of false fire alarms.

No one wants false fire alarms to go off around their business. Whenever a false fire alarm occurs, there can be many consequences that come from it. By knowing these consequences ahead of time, businesses can be more encouraged to take precautions so that these false alarms never happen. Here are some of the consequences your business may experience as a result of false fire alarms.

Financial Repercussions

A commonly-known consequence of false fire alarms is the fees that come from having them. Your business is very likely to incur expenses for emergency response services, even when an alarm ends up not being real. You’ll get an additional fee every time your alarm goes off, so you want to get your fire alarm system addressed as quickly as possible to avoid wasting any more money.

Lower Productivity Around Your Business

Any kind of fire alarm will force your employees to leave the building, including false fire alarms. This means they won’t be able to focus on their work, as they will get interrupted, which leads to decreased productivity around your business. The morale of your employees can also be negatively impacted as a result of false alarms, which further decreases the productivity your business has.

Your Business’s Reputation is Damaged

False fire alarms are indicative of a business that isn’t maintained very well. People might also think that you don’t prioritize the safety of your staff and customers whenever you have a false fire alarm. This means your business’s reputation is prone to taking a hit if a false fire alarm ever goes off around your facility.

Legal Consequences

If you have repeated false alarms going off at your facility, there can be legal repercussions. Not only could your facility face financial penalties, but there could even be criminal charges against you.


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