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When Fire Extinguishers Need Replacing Vs. Recharging

When Fire Extinguishers Need Replacing Vs. Recharging

Sometimes, fire extinguishers need replacing, and other times they need recharging. We’ll be helping you determine when replacing vs recharging will be necessary.

No matter what variant of business you run, a fire could pop up in an instant, meaning you need to be prepared the very moment one arises. One critical component of fire safety is your fire extinguishers. When they function properly, they help people fend off fires, giving them the ability to either eliminate the fire entirely, or give them the opportunity to escape if the fire has gotten out of hand.

Unfortunately, fire extinguishers can run into issues, and it’s imperative that you identify these issues promptly so that you can remedy them and be ready for a possible fire emergency in the future. Sometimes, fire extinguishers need replacing, and other times they need recharging. We’ll be helping you determine when replacing vs recharging will be necessary.

When to Recharge Fire Extinguishers

When deciding between recharging or replacing your fire extinguishers, always try to recharge them first, when possible. Fortunately, if the exterior shell of your extinguisher is in solid shape, you should be able to recharge it without issue. This way, you can save money while also reducing how much waste you create.

Another time when recharging extinguishers is okay is after you’ve had your extinguisher for around a decade. If you have rechargeable fire extinguishers, you are required by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) to get them recharged once every decade.

When to Replace Fire Extinguishers

While it’s nice to recharge fire extinguishers whenever possible, there will be times when replacing them is the only feasible solution. Perhaps you have a missing pin, or the handle is a little bit wobbly. These components need to be in peak condition, and if anything is wrong with them, you’ll have to get the entire extinguisher replaced.

If you find that recharging your extinguishers is more expensive than simply replacing them, that could be another incentive to invest in new extinguishers for your business.

For those with disposable extinguishers, the NFPA will require you to get them replaced once every twelve years.

Lastly, if you can’t find the inspection tag for your extinguisher, replacing that extinguisher is the safest bet because it will be impossible to tell how much time has passed since its last inspection. Without this crucial information, you won’t know the condition of your fire extinguisher, or whether it can help you combat a fire or not.


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