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Different Kinds of Fire Sprinkler Designs


Different Kinds of Fire Sprinkler Designs

Keep reading to learn about different types of fire sprinkler designs.

Fires can pop up pretty much anytime, and you have to be ready when they do. This in part means your building needs to have the right kind of fire sprinklers in place to combat the threat. There are many kinds of fire sprinkler designs you could install in your building, and each one has its own orientations, spray patterns, and response times. That’s why you should learn about the different types so that you can determine which kinds of sprinklers you should get for your building. Keep reading to learn about different types of fire sprinkler designs.

Pendent Sprinklers

These sprinklers are built such that the water stream is pointed downward against the deflector. These sprinklers are fairly commonplace, but you can’t use them if you have a dry pipe system because water is able to get trapped between the branch line piping and the sprinkler, which can result in ice disrupting water’s ability to flow.

Upright Sprinklers

Upright sprinklers use a spray pattern that is comparable to the one that pendent sprinklers use. What makes upright sprinklers different is that you mount them onto the top of the sprigs or branch lines. You also design them such that the water spray will go towards the deflector from an upward trajectory. Since water can’t be trapped in these fire sprinkler systems, it’s safe to use them with a dry pipe system.

Sidewall Sprinklers

Usually, sidewall fire sprinkler systems will get installed along the wall, as their name implies, and the water they discharge will get aimed into the room in which they’re located. Sidewall fire sprinklers are flexible in that they can be installed either on the top, bottom, or sides of your branch line, based on their listings. The pattern of the discharge will look like a fourth of a sphere shape, and a tiny portion of the water that’s discharged will be pointed at the wall that’s behind the fire sprinkler.


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