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How to Tell Your Fire Sprinkler is Leaking

How to Tell Your Fire Sprinkler is Leaking

Here are ways for you to tell that you probably have a leak in your fire sprinkler.

Fire sprinkler leaks are never pleasant to see, and it’s even worse if you don’t notice what’s going on. Detecting problems with your fire sprinkler is something you want to do as quickly as possible. This way, you can deal with issues while they aren’t too large and expensive to fix. Typically, dripping from the ceiling is the indicator that comes to mind when determining if a sprinkler is leaking, but there are other indicators that might not be as easy to notice right away, and we want to go over what these other indicators are with you. Here are ways for you to tell that you probably have a leak in your fire sprinkler.

Issues With Your Equipment

Leaks might result in your fire protection equipment not performing as it should. For dry sprinkler systems, a sign of leaking is when your compressor is constantly in use. Your system is attempting to keep water from getting into your pipes, which is the reason for it to be running. The problem is that a sprinkler system that is always in use will eventually overheat, resulting in system failure.


When you see corrosion, that is another strong indicator that your fire sprinkler could be experiencing some leaking. Take a close look at the fire protection system you have and see if there are any places that look a little discolored or rusted. There might even be foul-smelling water, or the water might not be clear.

In situations like this, you should get professional help inspecting your fire sprinkler system. They will know how to identify corrosion and treat your system if it ever experiences any corroding.

Damage That is Visible

Some damage is in plain sight and perfectly visible. It’s always possible that accidents could happen around your business, and while they don’t all result in huge catastrophes, they could still be enough to make your fire sprinkler system begin to leak.

If you install guards for your sprinklers, they will have more protection so that they are less likely to be damaged unintentionally. With your guards taking most of the hits, your sprinklers will be much safer.


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