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Steps That Happen During a Fire Alarm Inspection

Steps That Happen During a Fire Alarm Inspection

Find out all of the steps that are involved in a fire alarm inspection.

Whether it’s hospitals, schools, or our own homes, fires have the chance to pop up. If they do, one of the first things you’ll notice is the sound of your fire alarm as it notifies you of the impending danger. Given how important fire alarms are for fire safety, it makes sense that you regularly inspect them. So, what goes into the inspection process? Find out all of the steps that are involved in a fire alarm inspection.

Inform the Fire Department of Your Inspection

Before you start your fire alarm inspection, you should notify the fire department. This is because you will be activating your alarms during the inspection, which will notify the fire department. By contacting them ahead of time, you let them know that you are simply testing your alarms, and they don’t need to respond to an emergency.

Confirm the Components of Your Fire Alarms are Working

Whenever you get a fire alarm inspection, you’ll need to bring professional fire safety technicians to perform the inspection. Once they’ve arrived, they will test the different components of your fire alarms to make sure they’re still in optimal condition. Here are some of the components that get tested:

  • Batteries
  • Control switches and valves
  • Heat and smoke detectors

Testing the Alarms

Once you know all of the individual components are working, it’s time to test your fire alarms. If the test is successful, you’ll know that your fire alarms are prepared for an actual fire emergency. If the test is unsuccessful, your alarms will need to be properly repaired or replaced. For businesses, you may need to halt day-to-day operations until your fire alarms are all in working order. Otherwise, you might not be notified of fire emergencies when they arise, which would put everyone inside the building in serious danger.


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