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Typical Reasons for a Fire Code Violation

Typical Reasons for a Fire Code Violation

These are some reasons your business could be facing fire code violations.

If you run a business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the tasks that need to get done. It’s not hard to imagine that things can get overlooked if you’re not careful. One of these overlooked aspects can be your fire protection systems. You want to be sure your business is avoiding all fire code violations. Fortunately, by knowing what causes a fire code violation, it’s easier to avoid problems. These are some reasons your business could be facing fire code violations.

Locked Doors and Blocked Exits

This should be fairly self-explanatory; you don’t want your doors and exits blocked off if a fire breaks out. However, there are still businesses that use fire exits as areas to store all sorts of items. A fire exit is not a storage room, and using one as such puts your business in fire code violation.

To avoid this issue, keep your fire exits free of obstructions. This allows people to access the exits more easily and make quicker escapes. There should never have to be a specific tool necessary for using a fire exit in a pinch.

You Can’t See Exit Signs

Knowing where the exits are is critical when trying to evacuate a building, so fire exits have to be visible at all times. It’s in direct fire code violation to have fire exits be difficult to spot.

To make sure your exits are always visible, conduct monthly testing on your illuminated signs and emergency lights. This will show you whether or not they are currently in functional condition.

Fire Extinguishers Aren’t Maintained

You need to have your fire extinguishers inspected every year, and this should only be done by a professional company. Whenever you finish using your extinguisher, make sure you refill it and inspect for damage or other defects. Ignoring standard maintenance and inspections on your fire extinguishers is a common fire code violation.

Your Fire Protection System and Alarms Aren’t Maintained

Just like with your fire extinguishers, you have to test your fire alarms every year with the help of a professional. Other areas that need inspecting include your standpipes, fire pumps, and sprinkler systems. You should have a log with all of your inspection information written in it so that it can be referenced at any time. Also, make sure that smoke detectors are operational and that your pull station for your fire alarm is not blocked off.


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