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Why Your Building Needs Fire Doors in an Emergency

Four fire doors in a large room

Fire doors are an essential element in building fire safety.

A fire door is precisely what it sounds like, a door with a fire-resistance rating. Fire doors are consistently one of the essential components of a building’s passive fire protection system and are crucial in providing safety during a fire emergency. Because of their importance, you must monitor and maintain fire doors to ensure that everything in your building is prepared for a fire. Here are a few factors you need to consider about fire doors before you establish your fire safety plan

Frequency Of Door Use

Have you ever thought about the sheer number of times that a door is opened and closed in a building? Every door experiences frequent openings and closures. When it comes to fire doors, replacing your current doors with fire doors can make a huge difference for your building’s fire safety plan. If you consider what could potentially happen in the event of an emergency, if the doors are unable to open or close properly, you can understand the benefit of the more secure fire doors. The importance and reputation of fire doors are exactly why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has properly established building guidelines that require fire doors to be inspected regularly.

Fire Door Inspection Components

Before the actual testing is conducted, there are initial inspection parts that are done. For instance, there is a visual inspection that will need to be completed by a professional to ensure that your fire doors are properly maintained and will work efficiently in the event of a fire in your building. First, inspectors will look to make sure that there are absolutely no open holes or any potential breaks in the surface of the door itself. From there, fire doors will need to be inspected to ensure the glazing is fully intact and in place. 

Bottom Line

Ultimately, there is nothing better than protecting all of the occupants and residents of your building. Having a proper fire protection plan set for your building can make all the difference. A proper fire safety plan will include fire doors to ensure that every fire exit is fully functional and safe in the event of an emergency


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