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3 Important Summer Fire Safety Tips

fire safety summer grilling

Discover a few simple summer fire safety tips.

When it comes to summer, fire safety is not often the first thing that comes to mind. However, it is important to make sure that everyone gets through the summer safely. In fact, summer can bring about fires which is why using these tips for fire safety can help make summer a lot more enjoyable for parents and kids alike.

Inspect The Entire Area Around The Barbeque Or Campfire

When summer rolls around, the most popular activities to do outside involve fires. From barbeques to campfires, a fire is a staple in the summertime. In fact, fires can often get of out hand if not inspected properly prior to starting one. Ideally, you want to check the area around the barbeque or campfire and make sure that there aren’t any potentially flammable objects or fluids nearby. Such things can include a deck railing, branches, and even dry grass. As a result, you’ll want to keep a three-inch perimeter around the fire completely clear from any open flames.

Don’t Allow Barbeque Grease To Build Up

This can one of the worst things you can do at any barbeque. Show up wearing the same outfit as a friend? Nope. Not the worst. When it comes to fire safety, no matter if it’s charcoal or gas, grills should never be taken for granted. In fact, you’ll want to make sure that the grill is kept clean to prevent a grease fire from happening and ruining the entire event.

Keep A Bucket Of Water Nearby

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a giant bucket of water handy in case of an emergency. When dealing with fires, it should be the norm. In fact, if at some point embers start floating out of the grill or fire pit, you’ll be prepared with a bucket of water by your side.


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