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A Helpful Guide To Protect Your Kitchen From Fire

A Helpful Guide To Protect Your Kitchen From Fire

Here is a super helpful guide to help homeowners prevent a blaze from starting in the kitchen.

A heatwave is happening outside all along the Mid-Atlantic — but that doesn’t mean the heat is just going on outside. A kitchen fire can happen in the blink of an eye. Homeowners need to be prepared for this — particularly when hosting people over the summer months. But what exactly makes your kitchen the most susceptible room in the home for a fire emergency? Here is a super helpful guide to help homeowners prevent a blaze from starting in their kitchens.

Always Be Present

One of the most important things to remember when cooking and baking in the kitchen is to never leave any food unattended. If you happen to become distracted or needed to leave the room for any reason, always be sure to turn off the cooking appliances and remove the food from the actual heat source. Leaving a stove or other cooking appliance unattended happens to be the number one cause of kitchen fires.

Please Be Careful

Beyond being present, it is also critical that homeowners are always careful when cooking and baking. Avoid wearing those long sleeves when cooking up a storm in the kitchen. If you happen to have long hair, put it up away — to avoid the potential for it falling into any kind of heat source you might be using.

Keep It Clean

Another important component of kitchen safety that is a requirement for homeowners to prevent a kitchen fire is to make sure to clean all of the cooking surfaces as you use them. Leftover food and grease can ultimately become a massive ignition source leading to a huge and rapid kitchen fire. Homeowners shouldn’t focus exclusively on the stovetop or oven — they should also make sure to empty the crumb tray in a toaster and to always be wiping down the microwave too.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, kitchen fires are incredibly common, can cause a lot of damage, and spread very quickly. Kitchen fires happen to be the number one cause of home fires in the Mid-Atlantic region.


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