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Loud Fire Alarms: What Is Too Loud?

Loud Fire Alarms: What Is Too Loud?

Is there anything people can do to take care of their ears while there is loud fire alarm noise?

Sometimes, you hear a fire alarm, and you wonder why they are so loud. Is this normal? In fact, why are fire alarms so loud? Is there anything people can do to take care of their ears while there is loud fire alarm noise? 

Fire Alarms Are Indeed Loud

The reality is that fire alarms are loud. There are requirements promulgated by the NFPA 72 which outline the requirements for fire alarm notification appliances, which end up taking two specific forms — either audible or visible. There is no hesitation that prolonged and repeated exposure to really loud noises can end up damaging people’s hearing. That being said, there are certain loud noises, like fire alarms which need to be loud to alert people about a potential fire emergency.

Why Fire Alarm Volumes Vary

For the most part, the ultimate goal of a fire alarm is to make people aware that it is time to evacuate from a building. That is precisely why the NFPA will require that businesses and homes are equipped with fire alarms that have horns and sirens that sound a lot louder than a variety of ambient noises. The requirement for having high volume fire alarms is why the distance from the horn decreases the perceived volume of it and the reason building materials absorb the noise emanating from a fire alarm. It is a result of these various factors that the decibel level of a fire alarm must be high enough to make sure that the sound will travel to all the different corners and areas of a single building.

Protecting Your Ears From Extremely Loud Fire Alarms

If you hear a fire alarm sound, it should always be your first instinct to cover your ears. This can be an effective way to ultimately defend against any potential hearing loss as you calmly walk out of the building — toward the exit. However, even more, important than covering your ears is to have a fire evacuation plan in place. This is the best way to have a staff who knows exactly what to do in the event of a fire emergency.


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