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Your Commercial Kitchen: Fire Safety Measures

Your Commercial Kitchen: Fire Safety Measures

Here are crucial fire safety protocols to consider in your commercial kitchen.

Fire protection and fire safety are integral to a commercial building — particularly one that has a commercial kitchen. In fact, most fires in commercial buildings start in the commercial kitchen. While different places will have varying sizes of kitchens, the result is that a fire can happen — no matter what the size of your commercial kitchen. Fire safety is so essential because fire protection mistakes are incredibly easy to make and also even easier to forget about altogether, particularly when it gets hectic. Here are crucial fire safety protocols to consider in your commercial kitchen.

Avoid Misplacing Equipment And Appliances

Restaurant management should always be a tip-top form. Those in charge need to be aware of where things are — particularly the larger vital appliances and pieces of equipment. Electrical shorts could be just as much of a fire hazard as a massive gas explosion or a cooking fire just going out of control. If all of the kitchen equipment and appliances are not laid out properly, you could be dealing with a significant fire danger issue on your hands. All fire protection systems come optimized to place everything where it needs to be in the kitchen to avoid a fire in the future. That being said, there are some carts and storage units that could be moved to get in the way of these systems. As a result, being aware of the fire procedures and safety measures in place is a great way to ensure that your commercial building doesn’t go up in flames due to a commercial kitchen fire.

Proper Fire Maintenance Is Key

When it comes to appropriate fire maintenance, having critical systems in place is a necessity. Whether it’s a smoke alarm system, fire extinguishers, or an automatic fire sprinkler system, your commercial property should have all the proper fire safety systems in place to protect yourself and your occupants from a massive fire. Once you have the suitable arrangements in place along with the proper maintenance, you can rest assured that you have done all you can to protect your commercial building from a sudden fire emergency.


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