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Anderson Fire Protection is Helping to Sponsor the Howard Community College Mentorship Program!

Anderson Fire Protection is Helping to Sponsor the Howard Community College Mentorship Program!

Anderson Fire Protection wants to help students who are interested in learning more about their career paths.

Anderson Fire Protection is doing what we can to support our local community. To help accomplish this task, we have partnered with Howard Community College (HCC) to support their college mentorship program. In this program, HCC helps its students truly envision themselves in their preferred career of choice. Working alongside experienced mentors, students learn what it’s like working as a professional in whatever career path they have chosen. It also grants students the opportunity to build connections with the staff while gaining invaluable work experience. The mentorship program gets broken down into four different meetings that the student will attend.

Meeting 1

The first meeting students have will let them introduce themselves to the employer. They can talk about their career path, major, and interests/hobbies. The mentor will also have a chance to introduce themself, going over details such as why they went into their given field, their educational background, and their past work history.

In addition, the student can go over what they want to accomplish during the mentorship. This makes planning the remaining meetings easier. Lastly, the mentor can provide the student with various articles that the student can review for the sake of educating themselves before the next meetings.

Meeting 2

This is the meeting in which students begin to grasp what it means to be in their field of study and what it takes to be in their chosen career path. In the second meeting, the mentor will go over what a standard day entails. Also, they will go over the education requirements with the student, the necessary skill set for the job, and if there are any possible alternate paths that can be pursued within the field, they want to study.

Meeting 3

In meeting number three, the student gets more involved in participating with the mentor and their staff. They will have talked with their mentor in the first two meetings about ways in which they can get involved with work and observe. The nature of the work will vary based on the student’s field of study and major.

Meeting 4

This is the final meeting, and it is the one that revolves around networking. It’s possible that the mentor has a colleague who is willing to work with the student, and if this is the case, it’s the chance to go over the colleague’s perspective in the field of study.

If there isn’t a colleague available, this meeting goes over the importance of networking. The student can ask about groups they could join. Also, it’s the chance for the student to ask their mentor about how they can move forward in the field.


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