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Hazards to Home Fire Safety and How to Protect Yourself

Hazards to Home Fire Safety and How to Protect Yourself

We’re going to give you a few fire safety tips to keep you protected at home.

Home should be a place where you always feel safe. With that said, the best way to stay safe at home is to know where potential dangers are found, so you know how to avoid them. At home, fire safety should be of the utmost importance, and there are more hazards to fire safety than you may think. We’re going to give you a few fire safety tips to keep you protected at home.

Dangers With Cooking

Stoves and burners can cause house fires if you aren’t paying attention. To keep your kitchen from being set aflame, always turn these off after you’re done using them. Be especially mindful when you cook with grease and oil and keep combustible materials at a safe distance from any open flames.

Be Cautious When Using Space Heaters

A minimum of 3 feet should be between space heaters and anything flammable. You also need to stay on top of maintenance and cleaning procedures with any fireplaces and wood-burning heaters you have.

Keep an Eye on Your Candles

Candles can help to brighten up your room, but be careful where you place them. They shouldn’t be in places that can be reached by children, just like with any other open flame. If you’re going to leave a candle unattended, be sure that the flame has been extinguished beforehand.

Know the Dangers of Smoking Inside

Smoking comes with its own list of dangers as it is, but when it’s done inside, there are additional risks, and these risks can compromise your fire safety. Lit cigarettes produce an open flame that can set nearby flammable materials ablaze. Ashes that are placed in trash bins are also capable of starting a fire.

Being Safe With Appliances and Furniture

Furniture can be set on fire in no time at all if you’re not careful. Look around a room before placing furniture because you need to place furniture away from heat sources. Electrical problems produce roughly 6% of fires in residential settings. If you see damaged electrical cords, you need to replace them because cords that are damaged pose a much greater danger to you.


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