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Different Kinds of Fire Detectors

Different Kinds of Fire Detectors

We’re going to go over the traits of the different kinds of fire detectors.

Some people may not know this, but did you know that fire detectors come in four varieties? Fires can occur in buildings for many reasons, and there are many manners of detecting fires. The best detector for your building will vary based on your needs. Each of the four types of fire detectors recognizes fires differently. We’re going to go over the traits of the different kinds of fire detectors.


With ionization detectors, there is an electric current that runs between two metallic plates within the detector. Whenever smoke gets inside of them, the electric current gets disrupted. As a result, the detector sounds off an alarm. These fire detectors are best suited for detecting fast-burning fires.


There are a few similarities between ionization detectors and photoelectric variants. The difference is that there is a beam of light in the photoelectric detectors instead of an electrical current. When smoke gets inside these detectors, the beam of light starts to scatter, which sets off the alarm.

Photoelectric detectors are better at detecting smaller fires than ionization versions. They are known for how reliable they are, and how rarely false alarms will go off because of them.


Heat fire detectors work just as the name implies. They notice changes in the temperature that happen as a result of a fire. Sometimes, these detectors have been said to give off false alarms, but they also don’t react as quickly as other fire detectors.

A false alarm is more likely to happen in buildings with a lot of steam, dust, or humidity. These fire detectors work best in areas that don’t get a lot of foot traffic, such as in storage rooms or warehouses.


Many professionals find this variant to be a personal favorite. There are fire detectors that harbor attributes of both ionization and photoelectric fire detectors. Because they have the traits of two types of detectors, these detectors are much more flexible. They can detect more fires, and they can detect these fires more quickly, on average. It’s for these reasons that many people deem these fire detectors to be the best option.


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