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Fire Protection Codes That Often Get Violated

Fire Protection Codes That Often Get Violated

Here are fire protection codes that might get violated.

Fire protection systems are a necessary aspect for businesses, as they keep people and your property as safe against fire emergencies as possible. These systems help to detect fires, then keep them controlled while people find their way out of the building, all while stopping the damage from spreading too widely. Unfortunately, if fire protection codes aren’t followed, these protection systems can’t function as needed in emergency scenarios. Here are fire protection codes that might get violated.

Blocking the Fire Exits

This is a highly serious violation because blocking the fire exits makes it more difficult for people inside of the building to evacuate safely during a fire emergency. Perhaps there are storage items placed around the fire exits. Maybe there are pieces of furniture or equipment in the vicinity. There’s also the possibility of the exit door being locked. Anything that prevents the safe evacuation of people puts them in danger.

Having Fire Alarm Systems That are Inoperable

Functional fire alarm systems will let people know when there’s a fire in the nearby area. One of the fire protection codes that businesses can violate involves having alarm systems that don’t work. Perhaps the alarm system has outdated batteries. Maybe it’s not inspected regularly. It could be that regular maintenance isn’t performed on it. Whatever the reason, when your fire alarm system doesn’t function as needed, it takes much longer to respond to fire emergencies.

Having Fire Extinguishers That Aren’t Code-Compliant

Fire extinguishers that function properly are essential for combatting fires in your building.  Serious fire protection codes are violated when these extinguishers aren’t in working condition. Without operational fire extinguishers, people won’t be able to properly fight off fires, meaning that those fires will be able to spread more easily and cause additional damage to people, as well as the property itself.


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