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Potential Reasons for a Fire Sprinkler Failure

Potential Reasons for a Fire Sprinkler Failure

Here are potential causes for a fire sprinkler failure.

Your fire sprinklers are a vital component of your business. They are one of the primary forms of defense against fire emergencies, should they arise. That’s why it’s important to keep them in good condition all of the time, allowing them to function properly when needed. Unfortunately, there are ways that a fire sprinkler failure could occur. By knowing these causes ahead of time, you can take measures to prevent them from happening, keeping your business safer. Here are potential causes for a fire sprinkler failure.

Failure Caused by Human Error

The large majority of fire sprinkler failures are a result of human error. There are various ways in which human error can contribute to fire sprinkler failure. To start, there can be mistakes made during the installation process. When installed improperly, fire sprinklers won’t be able to function as needed.

Other times, fire sprinklers can fail because people don’t care for them properly. Fire sprinklers require regular maintenance in order to continue operating. Failure to abide by these maintenance tasks can result in problems like mechanical failures, as well as corrosion in the sprinklers.

Your Fire Sprinklers Were Shut Off

There are also quite a few fire sprinkler failures that happen not because they don’t work, but simply because they were turned off. There are a few reasons why someone would turn off a fire sprinkler system. Perhaps the building is being renovated and is under construction at the moment. Maybe the sprinklers were previously broken, so they needed to be turned off while repairs were done, and people forgot to turn them back on after repairs.

As long as your sprinklers are turned off, it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re in good condition; they won’t be able to help you in the event of a fire emergency. Therefore, you should keep your fire sprinklers turned on whenever possible.


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