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Steps Needed to Test Smoke Alarms in Your Home

Steps Needed to Test Smoke Alarms in Your Home

One part of fire safety involves testing your smoke alarms, and we’ll be going over how to test them properly today.

Smoke alarms can get overlooked around your home until the day you actually need them. With that said, it doesn’t mean you can ignore them until an emergency situation arises. Taking care of your smoke alarms is a critical part of fire safety because it’ll ensure that you’re as protected as possible if a fire ever were to arise in your house. One part of fire safety involves testing your smoke alarms, and we’ll be going over how to test them properly today.

Inform Residents That a Test is Occurring

Everyone in your house should know when you’re testing your smoke alarms. That way, no one gets startled during testing. Before you actually begin the test, you should inform your security system company that a test is occurring so they don’t get surprised when your alarms go off.

Have Someone at the Farthest Point From Your Alarms During Testing

You need to know that your smoke alarms can be heard from anywhere. The best way to test this is to have someone go to the farthest point from your alarms while they’re getting tested. If your alarms can be heard by this person, you know that your alarms can be heard from any point in your house.

Test Sensors by Using Aerosol

Manual testing is nice, but you also want to check on the sensors to be sure they’re working. By spraying aerosol near your alarms, you’ll know whether or not they’re working because they should sound off after a couple of seconds. Your alarm should be replaced if it doesn’t activate. Before you replace it, though, make sure your alarm doesn’t have any active “silence” button, and be sure there isn’t anything obstructing the grates, such as dust.

Consider Testing Your Alarms By Using Real Smoke

What better way to test smoke alarms than by using actual smoke? If you’re going to test your alarms in this manner, try lighting a couple of matches. Then, hold those matches around two feet beneath your detectors. If an alarm doesn’t go off, you need to replace it as quickly as possible.


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