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When Your Fire Alarm System Could Use an Upgrade

When Your Fire Alarm System Could Use an Upgrade

Today, we’re going to help you determine when it would be smart to upgrade your fire alarm system.

All businesses will need some level of fire protection. Part of having proper fire protection means having a functional fire alarm system. These systems can work for a long time, but have you wondered when it might be a good time to upgrade to a newer system? Today, we’re going to help you determine when it would be smart to upgrade your fire alarm system.

Phone Lines Versus Cellular Monitoring Services

Fire alarm monitoring, for the longest of times, was done with phone lines. Nowadays, though, that method is fairly outdated, so if your fire alarm system still uses phone lines, you might want to get a new one.

By switching over to a cellular monitoring service, cell towers will be used instead of using landlines, and this is a more cost-effective way to send emergency signals. More importantly, you won’t be dependent on landlines staying intact in order to send out these signals, meaning you’ll know for certain that emergency services will be notified in dire situations.

Your Smoke Detectors Need Replacing

It’s possible you’ve heard that smoke detectors should get replaced after ten years. Even if your smoke detectors haven’t reached this age, there may still be other reasons it’s time to replace them.

Perhaps they aren’t at the optimal sensitivity range anymore (keep in mind that detector sensitivity should get tested every two years). Also, heat detectors will likely have to get replaced every decade as well.

Code Compliance

One of the main reasons to get an upgrade to your fire alarm system is because you need to keep your building compliant with all codes and regulations in your area regarding fire safety.

Sometimes, even small changes to regulations can put you in a position in which you’ll have to change your fire alarm system. Until you are compliant with all rules and codes, your current fire alarm system will need adjustments.


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