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Fire Drills: The Dos and Don’ts

Fire Drills: The Dos and Don'ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts for having fire drills conducted.

Imagine that you’re going through a typical workday when, all of a sudden, a fire breaks out! You hear the alarm sound, and everyone starts heading for the designated fire exits. This is what should be done during a fire emergency, but it will be much smoother if you do some rehearsal first. This means conducting fire drills for your business.

Fire drills are conducted so that people know what needs to be done during a fire emergency. However, there are better and worse means of doing these drills.  Here are some do’s and don’ts for having fire drills conducted.

Don’t Fail to Account for Visitors During a Fire Drill

Regular fire drills are important to conduct so that employees learn how to react to fire emergencies quickly. However, you should also account for anyone else who could be in the building. Visitors won’t typically know the fire drill procedures, so they will need help being guided by employees to make sure they can get out of the building.

It helps to have signs around the building that let people know where exits are located. This helps people find the best path to the outside.

Do Conduct Unplanned Fire Drills

Not all fire drills should be planned. It takes away from the authenticity they have. What really tests people’s readiness for fire emergencies is when a fire drill is unplanned. This makes people have to react to a drill as though it were a real emergency. As a result, you’ll have a more realistic depiction of what it would be like if your business had a fire emergency take place. If you have an unplanned fire drill, and your staff can still safely and efficiently navigate their way out of the building, it gives you confidence that they are prepared for real emergencies.

Don’t Forget to Reassess Fire Evacuation Plans

Whenever you complete a fire drill, you should take time to review how the drill went with your employees. Go over whether or not the fire drill was considered successful or effective and if there are ways it could have been better.

Sometimes, buildings have their layouts changed, which can influence future fire drills and emergencies, so these changes should also be discussed when they happen.


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