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Fire Exit General Design Needs

Fire Exit General Design Needs

One significant part of a building’s fire protection is its overall fire exit design.

When there’s a fire or smoke in your building, you want to be sure that you can escape the premises as quickly as possible. To ensure the quickest escape, you need to have everything planned out in advance.  Is there a contingency plan if your first exit has been cut off? What happens when a fire exit is locked and inaccessible? Can you find a way out if the halls that lead to your exits are cluttered and harder to navigate? These are questions that need answering if you’re going to make a safe escape. Here are some needs that any fire exit you have will need to satisfy.

The Fire Exit Itself

Any fire exit you have will need to lead you to an area safe from your emergency. The exit should either take you to a refuge area or send you directly to the outside of your building. The end goal of your fire exit is to help people exit the premises in the event of a fire emergency, so having your exits lead people away from danger is crucial.

The Halls Leading to Your Fire Exits

Thought has to go into more than simply the fire exits themselves when planning how to keep people safe. The hallways that precede the exits must provide people enough room to fit through them. You also can’t have your halls allow fewer and fewer people to fit as they run through them. This will cause traffic jams and slow the rate at which people are able to evacuate your property.

Fire Exit Doors

The doors of your fire exits are the gateway that allows people to get to the outside of your building. All of the fire exit doors have to be capable of being opened from the inside of your building. You also can’t equip your exit doors with any gadgets that could make it more difficult to leave if those gadgets were to fail. The last thing you would want to have happen is to have a device on your fire exit door, failing you and subsequently keeping people trapped. This can be a safety hazard to anyone who needs to leave your building in a pinch.


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