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Fire Prevention Procedures That Commercial Businesses Should Follow

Fire Prevention Procedures That Commercial Businesses Should Follow

Let’s take a look at several fire prevention procedures that your commercial business should implement and follow.

If you own a business, you know you have a lot to handle. It can become a little overwhelming to think about all of the things you need to track, monitor, or otherwise pay attention to. Not to add another one to your already full plate, but how often do you think about your fire prevention procedures? Hopefully the answer is pretty regularly, but if not, here is your chance to change that! Let’s take a look at several fire prevention procedures that your commercial business should implement and follow.

Evacuation Plan

If you do not already have a clear and well-documented evacuation plan, now is the time to make one. Make sure all of your employees know what the evacuation plan is and have access to it to reference when training new hires. Finally, make sure that all emergency paths are well-marked and clear.

Test And Inspect

Next, make sure that you are keeping up with the important safety tests and inspections. You should be routinely inspecting your entire fire safety system, from alarms to sprinklers. If your inspection finds an issue with anything in your fire safety system, you should repair or replace it as soon as possible. You need to have a working fire safety system in order to be up to code and to keep people safe. Don’t forget that you also need to check your fire extinguishers more often than you have to inspect the whole system.

Conduct Drills

Don’t forget that simply having the plan and telling your employees that they need to know it is not enough. You also need to periodically conduct drills. During these drills you should be simulating exactly what you;d do in a true emergency so that everyone walks through the steps together.

Be Aware Of Potential Hazards

Finally, you should make a point of always being on the look out for potential hazards and to have employees look out for and report hazards that they notice. The most common source of potential hazards include electrical and kitchen issues. Overloading power cords or surge protectors can lead to electrical fires, as can appliances like printers being too close to heat sources (they can overheat and catch fire). Make a point of inspecting the electrical set ups in various areas of your business. Kitchen and cooking areas are another place that can easily have fires – in fact, cooking accidents are the leading cause of commercial fires. All of the discussed practices here are especially important in kitchen areas.


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