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Fire Safety And Senior Citizens

Smoke reaching smoke alarm on ceiling

Smoke detectors are a crucial aspect of fire safety and need to be checked at least twice a year.

As senior living centers continue to undergo renovations and construction processes, keeping loved ones protected becomes essential. This generation tends to be the greatest generation that is at the highest risk to suffer death as a result of a deadly fire. The elderly that live in a variety of multi-level dwellings are at a significantly higher risk of passing away from fire-related injuries than others. Some may have difficulty accessing the fire emergency exits while others may not have anyone to call. Therefore, considering the following can ultimately protect loved ones from a fire disaster. 

Be Sure To Test Those Smoke Alarms

One of the key things people can do to ensure their loved ones are protected from a devastating fire is to test their smoke alarms. Smoke is often considered the silent killer. Senior citizens who may have hearing problems and sleep without a hearing aid could be hurt in their sleep. Therefore, having a properly working smoke alarm in the building where your loved one is staying can ensure they hear the noise if smoke is detected in their building. That being said, another vital thing to consider is to make sure to test the smoke alarms and ensure they are always within compliance of all the regulations and codes.

Have A Proper Fire Escape Plan

One of the best things people should do to encourage their senior relatives will stay safe and protected in the event of a fire emergency is to have a fire escape plan in place and routine practice drills to ensure they know where to go. Knowing all the accessible exits is integral to protecting the loved ones who are older than most. Considering there are many older individuals who struggle with dementia and other diseases that affect them negatively, being up-to-date on the fire escape plan becomes an essential part of keeping them safe in a fire emergency.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, there is something we can all do to protect our elderly loved ones. Being proactive in their fire emergency protections can ensure they are safe and secure in the event a fire breaks out in their building.


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