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The Ultimate Home Safety Seasonal Checklist

A smoke detector and fire extinguisher

Fall is the time of year to update your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

The end of Daylight Savings Time can be an excellent opportunity to conduct a home safety inspection to prepare for the colder seasons ahead. While we are just under a month away from Daylight Savings Time, there is nothing wrong with getting prepared to get your home ready for the fall change. Here is a helpful checklist to help you get your home organized and prepared to usher in the change of seasons like a pro. 

Checking And Replacing Important Home Features

There are a lot of things you have in your home that should be checked and inspected. Regular and routine maintenance of various home protection and fire systems can be a game-changer when it comes to protecting your home and family from a fire safety hazard.

All of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need to be checked and replaced. The batteries should be changed twice a year, which is why Daylight Savings Time works as the perfect marker for letting homeowners know it’s time to replace these critical components to having a safe and secure home.

Lightbulbs are another home feature that should be checked and replaced. Consider even updating to the energy-saving light bulbs that are now widely available, while generating some long-lasting savings in the long run.

Besides your HVAC filter, which should be checked and replaced, homeowners need to check and possibly replace their dryer filters and hoses along with their fire extinguishers. With fire extinguishers, homeowners must check the pressure gauge to verify the locking pin is still intact. If it’s not, you will want to replace that immediately.

Resetting And Updating Your Home For The Fall

There are also a ton of things homeowners need to do when it comes to resetting and updating their homes for the colder season. It’s not just home alarm systems that should be reset. Homeowners should think about resetting their DVRs, ceiling fans, and computer passwords. All of these updates can help protect homeowners and usher in the new season with ease and a lot less stress.


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