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What Fire Safety Laws Must Be Known By Small Businesses?

What Fire Safety Laws Must Be Known By Small Businesses?

Here are some of the fire safety laws you’ll need to follow.

If you own a business, then you have certain legal obligations to follow. For example, you are responsible for the safety of your employees, and keeping them safe, in part, means following all of the necessary fire safety laws. It’s important to know all of the fire safety laws that must be followed. The more you know about fire safety laws, the safer you can keep everyone in your building. Here are some of the fire safety laws you’ll need to follow.

Fire Exits

Fire exits are mandatory for businesses because everyone in the building, whether it’s customers or employees, has to be capable of escaping the building efficiently and easily in an emergency situation. You’ll need a minimum of two fire exits, and these two exits can’t be within close proximity of each other. These exits must be capable of fitting people through them without trouble. In addition, you can’t block the fire exits, meaning they have to be free of any potential obstructions that could keep people from leaving in the event of a fire emergency.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Commercial properties have to have fire extinguishers available. The extinguishers that businesses must have will depend on the types of fire hazards that exist. For anyone who does not know, there are multiple kinds of fire extinguishers, each capable of addressing different kinds of fires. You must be certain your business is utilizing the right fire extinguisher for each area of your building, so you’ll be ready for the types of fires that can threaten your business.

An Emergency Evacuation Plan is Needed

Even for smaller businesses, you’ll have to have a fire evacuation plan in the event of a fire emergency. This plan should be written on paper and utilized regularly during fire drills. Conducting fire drills once every six months helps employees to remember the proper procedures in the event of a fire.

There should be signs around the building that indicate where to go, and you should have a map with the fire exits on them. These will help make the evacuation process quicker to complete if your employees need to leave the building.


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