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What You Need to Know About Fire Exits

What You Need to Know About Fire Exits

We’ll be answering some key questions about fire exits to help keep your building safe.

Emergency fire exits are necessary for any commercial building because they offer employees and guests the perfect escape route in the event of a disaster taking place. On top of letting people escape the premises, fire exits also let first responders such as the police or fire department enter the building. We’ll be answering some key questions about fire exits to help keep your building safe.

Why Do Fire Exits Have to Be Clear?

Exit routes have to be kept clear because if they’re not, people won’t be able to escape the building quickly and safely. It would cause disarray and panic, neither of which you want when faced with a crisis. Time is a highly valuable commodity when faced with an emergency, and safety is a top priority. Keeping paths clear allows people to get out without trouble, and it’s a requirement set by OSHA, a.k.a. the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, that paths be kept clear for this reason. OSHA also requires there to be sufficient lighting to make escape even easier.

How Many Fire Exits Are Necessary for a Workplace?

For many buildings, OSHA states that there will need to be a minimum of two fire exits. This number can vary based on how large the building is and how many employees there are. This rule has a lone exception, and that is whenever a business is small enough, and it allows people to leave safely if an emergency situation arises. In these scenarios, it’s ok to have only one fire exit. All employers have a responsibility to abide by federal guidelines to make sure everyone in their building has the best chance at safety.

Which Businesses Must Have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)?

OSHA advises that all businesses that have at least ten employees should have an emergency action plan. This plan should cover all of the proper responses and procedures to help people handle an impending disaster if one should occur. If there isn’t a clear plan put in place, people may not know what has to be done when facing an emergency, which can lead to panic and chaos.


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