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What a Fire Extinguisher Training Program Should Include

What a Fire Extinguisher Training Program Should Include

Here is what you should include in your fire extinguisher training program.

Anyone who owns a business should understand the importance of proper fire extinguisher usage. Fire extinguishers are helpful for keeping a business safe in the event that a fire breaks out. However, these devices only prove themselves to be useful if they are used by staff members who are properly trained on how to use them.

To ensure your workers are ready for a fire, should one break out, they should go through a fire extinguisher training program. A training program will help prepare workers not just on how to use the fire extinguisher itself but also on how to identify potential fire sources. Here is what you should include in your fire extinguisher training program.

Teaching About Fire Risks

The fire risks your building has will be influenced by the building’s purpose and structure. In other words, different types of buildings will have different fire risks. Therefore, your fire extinguisher training program should go over situations that are more likely to occur in your building.

Inform your employees on what elements are capable of starting and sustaining fires. Also, have a fire risk assessment done regularly. During the assessment, you’ll need an expert to have a fire safety audit done, and this audit should let you know about fire hazards, which people are considered at risk, and what actions you need to take.

How to Find Your Fire Extinguisher

Make sure part of your training program includes learning where to find your fire extinguisher. When you’re conditioned to know where to find your extinguisher, it saves you time when you’re actually trying to find it, and this can help save lives. On top of knowing where the extinguisher is, employees should also be trained to determine if the extinguisher is all charged up and ready for you to use it, or if it has any damage that would keep it from working as it should.

How to Operate the Fire Extinguisher

This part of the training will include how you should aim and use the fire extinguisher and when it’s best not to use it anymore. During a fire outbreak, people can easily get stressed and panic while trying to address the fire. This makes it incredibly important to be confident in your ability to use a fire extinguisher.


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