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When to Get Commercial Fire Alarms Replaced


When to Get Commercial Fire Alarms Replaced

Find out when you should replace your commercial fire alarms.

Commercial fire alarms are an integral component of your business, as they are needed for fire safety purposes. While these alarms can work well for many years when given the proper care and maintenance, they will eventually have to get replaced, but when is it the right time to say goodbye to your old alarms in favor of new ones? Find out when you should replace your commercial fire alarms.

Fire Safety Codes and Regulations Have Changed

Sometimes, nothing changes with your commercial fire alarms, but instead, the safety codes and regulations in your area are what change. If your current alarm system doesn’t comply with the rules in your area, you’ll need to get your alarms replaced with ones that are code-compliant.

Your Alarms Have Sustained Permanent Damage

It’s not uncommon for commercial fire alarms to get damaged over the years, but many types of damage can be fixed. Other types of damage, however, are permanent, and will exist with your alarms for as long as you have them. Given the value your fire alarms provide as a fire safety measure, you can’t afford to have them damaged. This is why you should replace them if they ever get damaged beyond repair.

Your Manufacturer Says to Replace Them

When you’re getting your commercial fire alarms installed, your manufacturer should let you know that the alarms will need replacing after enough time has elapsed. Towards the end of your alarms’ lifespans, this will be the ideal time to replace them.

You Want to Upgrade Your Alarms

Fire alarms are getting better and better all of the time, and perhaps you wish to upgrade to a more modern fire alarm system. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you have the most state-of-the-art fire alarms all throughout your building. Just be sure that your new alarms are up to code in your area.


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