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How You Should Perform a Fire Drill in the Workplace

How You Should Perform a Fire Drill in the Workplace

Read on to find out how a fire drill should be performed in the workplace.

Your workplace should be a safe place, and part of being safe is knowing what steps to follow in emergency situations. One emergency that could arise is a fire emergency. Fires are serious threats when they appear, but you can keep yourself and your staff safe by having an effective fire drill routine in place. Read on to find out how a fire drill should be performed in the workplace.

Make the Plan Known to Everyone in the Office

A plan won’t work unless everyone knows what it is, which is why you’ll want to educate your staff on what steps to follow for a fire drill. This will help get people out of the building more quickly and safely, which minimizes the likelihood of any injuries happening. There should be concrete goals in place that will determine whether or not the fire drill was successful (e.x. evacuating everyone within a certain time limit). Once your goals are met, you’ll feel more prepared just in case a fire breaks out in the future.

Rehearse Your Fire Drill Procedure

You should rehearse the steps of your fire drill with your staff members. These rehearsals should get increasingly complex each time you do one. Eventually, you’ll reach the point at which you’re doing full rehearsals. You can even create various scenarios for your employees, and see which ones are managed effectively. The more times you rehearse your fire drills, the more prepared you’ll be for real fire emergencies.

Reflect on Your Fire Drills

Any time a fire drill is done, there should be neutral observers who oversee the procedure. You want these observers to watch for any behaviors that could be improved so that you can have a more successful fire drill in the future. We learn through trial and error, so knowing the errors that are made during fire drills will come in handy because you’re less likely to make those same mistakes in a real fire emergency scenario.


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