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Why False Fire Alarms Happen

Why False Fire Alarms Happen

Here are reasons your business may experience false fire alarms.

No one wants to experience false fire alarms. They are a disruption to daily business operations, and they can result in a significant loss of money and time. There’s also the fact that the fire response team wastes time and resources, and they could end up contacting the fire department for something that isn’t an actual emergency. It’s important to recognize how false alarms happen so that you can take measures to prevent them. Here are reasons your business may experience false fire alarms.

Smoke Detectors Get Activated

There are a few ways that smoke detectors could get activated unintentionally, such as dust build-up, steam, or fumes that come from cooking. If your facility deals with smoke regularly, such as cooking if you’re in a restaurant setting, you don’t want your detectors too close to where the fumes are created. Consider getting them inspected professionally to be sure your detectors are in the proper areas, and that they are working as intended.

Your Alarms are Getting Old

False fire alarms can also occur because your fire alarms are reaching the end of their lifespans. You can get your alarms to last for 10-15 years as long as you’re inspecting, maintaining, and repairing them as needed. Eventually, however, there will come a time when you need to replace your old alarms with new ones.

Manual Errors

While it does sound sad, there are instances of vandalism that get done to break-glass call points. Sometimes, it might not even be intentional vandalism, and instead, your alarms could be damaged because they were accidentally struck by pieces of equipment. Either way, if this is your preferred alarm trigger, you want to keep your fire alarms in areas that won’t allow people to damage them. This will keep your fire alarms safer so that they can function appropriately when needed.


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